Dr. Shah has always shown a keen desire to keep on top of the latest technological advancements in dentistry. For that reason, he offers his patients a same-day or one appointment solution for crowns. Dr. Shah is one of the first dentists in Canada to incorporate the Planscan/Nevo intraoral scanner and cad/cam system in his office. Normally when crowns or bridges are created, its necessary to make a series of impressions with a thick, rubbery material inside bulky trays. This can be cumbersome, create a mess and cause gagging. Impressions can take from 3 to 6 minutes and cause anxiety for many patients.

Dr. Shah has had a digital system for over 8 years, but the new intraoral scanner is more convenient, rapid and accurate. A compact "wand" is placed inside the mouth to take a digital scan of the prepared teeth and bite. The software helps create a digital "model" for the crowns and bridges to be designed. The scanner allows us to eliminate the need for impressions in most cases and the challenges associated with distortion and inaccurate impressions.

Once a digital model is created, the software allows Dr. Shah to design a crown or bridge virtually and then mill out the restoration using high strength ceramic blocks. This is done Chairside! Many single crowns can be made in one visit or one day for those that find their time valuable. The fit and appearance of these cad/cam restorations are excellent and have made dentistry very convenient for many patients.

If you require a crown or bridge contact our office to see how same-day or one-appointment dentistry can work for you.